Women’s Support Group
Grieve and Mourn Loss with the Nurturing Support of Other Women 

sad woman

Please join us for a journey of healing, hope, and learning.  To learn more and register visit please email

$50 per session

Death of a partner, spouse, parent, child, or friend hits like a freight train.  Emotional waves of sadness, denial, anger, loneliness, and yearning may overcome any sense of hope.  Adapting to life without your loved one is a difficult process that can be lessened when shared with the presence of other like-minded women.

Benefits of group support include normalization of the experience by hearing similarities in others’ feelings and responses to loss.  It helps decrease isolation, identify with and learn from peers and a professional who understands. Group therapy also can facilitate participation with a supportive and understanding peer group and allows you to practice many of the skills that will improve your ability to find hope again.

  • Connect With Other Women in a Warm, Supportive Setting
  • Embrace self-nurturance and affection
  • Express difficulties adapting to changes in a safe environment
  • Awaken to life again
  • Give sorrow words and meaning
  • Find your spirit and soulfulness
  • Learn Healthy Ways to Cope
  • Understand Natural Grief Responses
  • Discover When Grief Ends
  • Find Compassion with Other Women
  • Comprehend How Family Members Cope
  • Share Resources
  • Utilize psycho education to Adapt