Consistency and an Instant Reward is the Key to Success

I learned a great tip from reading an article about Jerry Seinfeld.  An up and coming comedian asked January 2012 Calendar with red "X"Seinfeld just before he was entering the stage, “Do you have any expert advice to become a successful comedian?” He replied, “Write good jokes.”  and then “Don’t break the chain.” He recommended writing a joke every day.  Each day you write mark a calendar with an “X” in bold red, permanent marker.  If you continue this each day, a sequence begins to appear.  Thus, “Don’t break the chain.”  I thought this is great advice for anyone, not just comedians.  You can apply the same technique for anything you want to improve in your life.  You can mark an “X” for each time you exercise, each time you write, learning another language, whatever skill set you want to improve.  The exercise provides a physical activity, a visualization, and a mini-celebration showcasing your accomplishments.  It is a constant reminder of your success which encourages further growth.  Having an instant reward for work well done consistently is the key to achieving your goals.  Its one day at a time, slow, yet sure; similar to the turtle that ultimately beat the jack rabbit to the finish line.  It’s funny how the wisdom from old fables still run true even in today’s fast-paced, technology ridden world.


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