All We Need is Just More Money, Right?— So We Think…

Money is the solution to all our problems. Or so we think. If we just had more money to pay the bills, put healthier food on the table, and aid struggling companies so that they can pay their employees and hire more. All we need is more money and all our problems will be solved. Right? Well I say wrong.

Throwing money at the injustice in the world is not going to solve the abuse illegal immigrants endear while in prison. Money is not going to solve the problems of a family who lost their mother to the immigration laws that took her away from the love of her life of 40 years and her college attending, American born daughter. Money is not going to solve the problems of an educated, single woman who lost all her confidence to an abusive relationship.

So you ask, well if money is not going to solve their problems, what is? A transformation in our government is going to solve all of their problems. How so? A revolution in our thinking, our psyche, our relationship to power, control, and money.

Our country has become materialistic, lazy, unforgiving of diversity, and has a sense of entitlement. The tech boom brought overnight success to young, ambitious entrepreneurs that soon became cocky in their quick achievement and that everything else should come just as easy. It affected all of society, from individual stock investors, to money hungry mongrels like Goldman Sachs, and everyone in between.

Wealthy, pompous, Wall Street has puppeted naive politicians who are eager to make their stance in our society not necessarily for the people but for a name in history, prestige, and power. Wall Street continually hungered for more money and power and used their resources to gain more. The more money one had, the more control and power they entailed. Whatever got in their way, got crushed. That’s just one of the many problems with our relationship to money and power.

Our economy has paid a BIG price. The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. Middle America is slowly diminishing along with their self-worth, ambition, and faith in the American dream. We have become cynical and blame it on anyone we can get our hands on. The one’s who suffer are the very ones who are doing the blaming. We blame immigrants. They are taking all our jobs, we blame Wall Street, and we blame politicians. Everyone is pointing a finger at someone else and not taking responsibility for their own behavior. In the end, we are all suffering.

This brings me back to the revolution that needs to occur within American society. We have become lazy and have a sense of entitlement without looking internally at our own actions. We are quick to judge and are unlikely to look within and ask, “What can I do to better my situation?” How can I be proactive in my life? How can I make a difference?

We have the philosophy that if we lower taxes and make the rich pay more then there will be more money and then more jobs will automatically appear as companies feel more secure to hire employees. The problem is money will not change the attitude of Wall Street, politicians, and American society. What will? A sense of community, social support, encouragement, and personal confidence in our own character. We start to look at humans as human beings again. We treat each other with respect, and not respect out of fear because of the gun in my hand but because of who we are; our dignity, honor, and value. Every person has their own unique gift that can be utilized and America can return to that once prosperous, free-spirited, welcoming country where liberated thinking is hailed and opportunity exists. This philosophy is present; it’s just a matter of changing our psyche and priorities. Thus money is not the answer, humble community support and reverence of spirit is.


5 thoughts on “All We Need is Just More Money, Right?— So We Think…

  1. It’s a vast problem. The simplistic solution would be to remove all power from politicians and return it to the enfranchised public. Can be done, the Swiss are on the way but have only made a start.

    Nothing wrong with money, so long as it can’t buy power. Money is good, not bad; but we’ve been conditioned otherwise and have accepted the conditioning without thinking for ourselves. So we need proper education based on reality rather than wishful thinking; dream on.

    I can’t comment further without hijacking your blog …

      • In your recent post “Relational Boundaries” the Buddha comment cuts to the chase. We can solve the problems of the world if we had a Rule of Law based on ‘Enlightened Self-Interest’ — wherein the law guaranteed the Right of every being to prosper to the limits of his/her talents, so long as they don’t violate the rights of others.
        The only crime I recognise is violence in any form other than self-defence; ergo the criminal is the person initiating violence; my personal philosophy is simply ‘Live, and let live’.

        Being upfront here: I want to foment a revolution.

        Contradiction? Not at all, a peaceful revolution. One that will bloodlessly achieve the ends you stated above “A revolution in our thinking, our psyche, our relationship to power, control, and money.”

        It will be a long slog but I’ll get it …

  2. You mentioned a well educated woman loosing all her cofidence in an abusive relationship, well she sure is coming back strong. You are so articulate and your thoughts are well thought out and organized. I am sure if you just keep writting that money will come your way and you’ll use it to make the world better. You have inspired me to write.

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