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I so want to learn what you’ve learned.

I am a highly sexual, sensual woman.  I didn’t realize this until the men throughout my life and a close female friend told me that.  I’m sexual, but I don’t have sexual freedom. I love to talk about sex.  I love to watch porn when it involves a woman clearly being pleased and enjoying herself (not acting).  I love to read erotic stories.  I love to fantasize-they just don’t involve me.  I still can’t orgasm through intercourse.  I can do without oral sex done on me. When I’m with a man I love the initial holding, kissing and touching, but I find myself at a certain point dis-engaging, getting bored and wanting the whole process to hurry-up. I found that really great fellatio help this. I use my vibrator a lot-preferably in private with a blanket over my pelvis. I think some of this has to do with trust and control.

I want to be able to enjoy and explore myself further.  I want to be able to let myself go with a partner, but I’m not there yet.

Thank you for this blog,

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One thought on “Flowering Artist

  1. Flowering Artist,

    It appears you are on your way to learning just exactly what you want and opening yourself to your desires. It’s a journey, a personal one that each of us has to rebuild. It’s breaking down our barriers, reflecting our belief systems, and establishing new ones that work better for today. We learn and react to what was given to us by our parents. If we didn’t receive the proper love, nurture, and support early in life, as adults we must learn to find it within. Find healthy, loving ways to self soothe and accept yourself; all the good and bad. You are on the right track and named it perfectly with trust and control.

    I am here as a friend and a woman who is letting go of my struggles and moving forward. We can support each other. Women need more of that.

    Keep up the great work.


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