I thought more about communication and concluded at times we look for certain answers to our questions but give up easily if they aren’t answered immediately and settle for an answer that leaves feelings of emptiness and disappointment in the other person.

In the past, I would ask a question, get a certain response, be upset that it wasn’t what I was looking for and react negatively in response.

Now I have learned not to react so quickly and give up after only one question.  Most likely the other person doesn’t know exactly the answer you are looking for or understand your intent.  Remain calm, don’t react, and calmly ask another question to probe for more detail in their thought.   It may take several rounds back and forth but each questioned answered gets a little closer to the answer that is satisfactory to both parties.  It just takes gentle probing, remaining calm, and continuing the process.


One thought on “Communication

  1. Well Femm…it truly sounds as though you have been looking inside to understand how to better deal with the outside…and coming up with some tremendous insights. That’s the great thing about questions. They not only give us answers but they inspire us to examine our feelings and behaviors as we get and give thoughtful answers. Impressive piece of writing…

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