An old friend whom I met almost a year ago contacted me recently.  We went out to dinner and talked about our times together last summer.  He apologized for some of his demeaning comments; claiming me a ‘sex addict’.  He said, “I was going through a difficult time as I underwent the transition of a drug and sex addict to therapy and recovery.  I am now revisiting friends and family to ask for forgiveness.”   It was nice I was included in that group.

He also said, “You were the only woman who made me feel like a hooker.”  I smiled as I didn’t realize the power I embrace.  His comment made me feel good about myself and empowered.

I am slowly gaining courage and confidence as I reminisce and observe people’s reaction to me now that I am not active as I once was. I am coming into my own and want to help other women gain the same sense of self-esteem and employ goodwill in our careers, relationships, family and community.  Our sophistication, intelligence, sex appeal and independence can conquer and influence above and beyond for greater benevolence.


One thought on “Empowerment

  1. People always bring their own baggage to an encounter and, often, we don’t realize we’ve become a target of their angst until later – if ever. It’s nice when we realize that what we are is something special but sad that we are the last to give ourselves credit. The destiny we are set to and the impact we are to exact seems to be determined at birth with the only thing keeping us from it knowing it is the debilitating, misplaced comments of others. It is my hope that you become totally inner directed where others cannot harm you regardless of their comments. From that vantage point you will be able to help countless women realize their true selves regardless of criticism. Remember that what other people think of you is none of your business. Change the world – it needs; it really does….

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