Monogamy is marriage to one person at a time or the practice of having one sexual partner. The modern world has presented so many choices and opportunities to connect and reconnect, venturing into matrix’s never conceived possible.  All the options can be overwhelming, confusing and exciting at the same time.  Is there a right or wrong anymore?

As humans evolve, we are more open-minded and willing to experiment to find the right answer as individuals not as society dictates.  History has presented the case that traditional methods may not be natural or provide the best solution for a happy couple.

The definition of monogamy strikes me as being quite hypocritical.  If you are truly ‘monogamous’ doesn’t that mean you are committed to the relationship through thick and thin; no matter the circumstances.  Thus divorce is not an option. If that is the case, divorce and affair statistics indicate the majority of humans are not monogamous.

My grandparents are a typical example of a monogamous relationship.  They married as virgins in their mid-twenties and remained together for over fifty years.  In the beginning, they shared a loving relationship, sleeping in the same bedroom, engaging in passion and giving birth to two children as my grandfather worked for AT&T his entire life and my grandmother remained home while she raised the children.  The roles were defined.  My grandmother nurtured the children, cooked all meals, and cleaned the inside of the house.

My grandfather worked during the day, washed the dishes after dinner every night and took care of the outside of the house on the weekends; mowing the lawn, trimming the bushes, painting the exterior, and fixing any broken appliances.  He also ensured the American flag was positioned properly on holidays and times of mourning.  He took great pride in his country and taking good care of the flag was part of our family.

As time progressed, my grandparents moved to separate bedrooms and I really can’t recall them being affectionate toward one another.  It’s as if they just became roommates; not necessarily even friends.  I remember a lot of fighting, bickering and bantering.  They tolerated disrespectful and demeaning behavior from each other.  It was just the way it was.

My parents on the other hand lived a different lifestyle.  Since they came from difficult childhoods, they clung onto their first love, married soon thereafter, gave birth to me, divorced, and continued their quest for love as they married and divorced repeatedly.  They moved from one city to the next living the life dictated by society in hopes of fulfilling their personal voids.

My Dad is single and now searching for his fifth wife.  My Mom is on her fourth marriage and called me after one month of dating and stated, “I am getting married!  We are having the reception and wedding at Millerridge Inn in July, we are going to St. Lucia for our honeymoon, I want you to be my Maid of Honor, Carrieann is going to be my Bridesmaid and the color of the dresses are mint green; I already picked the style of the dress.

I was in shock after only dating for a month; she is getting married and knows all the details of the wedding.  I thought, did you two get to know each other or just discuss the details of the wedding for the past month.  Anyway, I have no reason to judge as long as she is happy at least for the next six years that’s all that matters.

The ‘new’ definition for monogamy should read, stay married to one person as long as the love and lust lasts and then you are free to divorce.   My parent’s history shows monogamy lasts for six years and then it is time to find a new person.  Is that really monogamous?   Is that true commitment?

Now that I have witnessed two generations of bad relationships, I’m wondering is monogamy natural.  It appears I am not the only one thinking this as I read many articles, studies and meet friends who are willing to experiment.  They set their own rules.  Some engage in full intercourse with others and some just flirt or share fantasies or dirty talk with others.  As long as the couple is open with their communication they are happy to allow their partner to interact with others.

Personally I find the later healthier than the two scenarios depicted by my grandparents and parents and couple’s who stay married but have affairs on the side.  At least the younger generation is willing to expose their personal desires and aren’t afraid of judgment or cynicism from other’s.  That takes great strength and confidence; two things I greatly admire.


2 thoughts on “Monogamy

  1. Monogamy is a myth. Not that a lot people aren’t engage in it but very, very few people (there’s always an exception) will tell you that they are satisfied with a monogamous (rhymes with monotonous) relationship. Humans love and crave variety; we try new restaurants, we engage in different sports or leisure activites; we seek novelty at every opportunity. The only reason we force ourselves to be monogamous is to maintain a relationship with someone who demands it as a condition of actually having the relationship. Now, there are times when being snuggly wrapped in the bliss of a couplehood, “just you and me” type of event is a most joyous experience. But to be sequestered there is form of passive imprisonment that anyone with enough alcohol in them will admit to. It is a privilege to love someone and to have the return that love – and that should be cherished. But when are we going to wake up, evolve ourselves and admit that, at least, the myth of the desire for monogamy. I thougt by the time the new millennium came around we’d have conquered insecurity; it’s gotten worse. What a shame….

  2. Evolvebeyond, thank you for your perspective on monogamy. It is always good to hear many opinions and then assess what is right for your personal lifestyle and choice.

    Insecurity is another issue. In a Utopian society we would all have loving, nurturing and supportive childhoods and grow up secure. Unfortunately that is not the case.

    It’s about time we paid more attention to our children. It would help salvage adulthood.

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