Hello world!

Welcome, this forum is a place to openly discuss psychology issues, sexual fantasies, desires and realities in a safe and anonymous environment as I share coaching topics, educational material, and spiritual teachings.

Femmevolution is dedicated to empowering women and men of all diversities, bringing social, economic, educational, and spiritual justice to the under served.  Through coaching, education, and counseling services my mission is to increase women’s self worth, their right to have and determine choices, access to opportunities and resources, control of their own lives, and influence the direction of social change.  As women evolve, it liberates men to learn spirituality, feel safe to express their feelings and emotions, and foster better relationships.

My goal is to ensure mutual respect and equality between the sexes. As independent individuals, we are able to make our own decisions based on personal values. The key is to be aware of your behavior, your reaction to the consequences and be secure in your decision without fear of judgment.  This takes a great deal of confidence and self-assurance achieved through mirroring, validation, and empathy from others and accomplishing personal and professional goals.


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